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Favorite Professional Performances


We host several channels on YouTube that focus on great dance, music and musical theatre performances:

  • theBestArts
  • BestArtsBroadway
  • BestArtsDance
  • BestArtsFosse
  • BestArtsFilm
  • BestArtsJudy
  • BestArtsMusic
  • BestArtsSondheim

We present our favorite videos from the BestArts family of channels, our viewers' favorites and more. This is a great place to start!

Broadway Performances

Live theatre has historically been an ephemeral art form. You either saw a performance or you didn't. However, sometimes great performances are captured on video. We present a few of those cases here.


BestArts hosts many strong dance performances.


Many movies include great musical performances.


Online video isn't just about the amateurs or up-and-coming artists. The professionals are here too. Here are a few of our favorite singers. We'll build this page up over time.

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