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Nominations for theBestArts website


Most new listings are placed into one of these categories:

Since 2007, theBestArts has become one of the world's premiere non-commercial showcases for rising musical theatre singers, songwriters and dancers. We're now starting to feature a cappella groups and choreographers - and we're willing to consider other categories of related artists.

Due to growth of the site, we have less time available to fully research candidates for the site on our own. We rely on viewers to help us identify promising groups and artists.

How You Can Help

Please assist us by suggesting your favorite YouTube performances and performers. Send an email to with your suggestions for videos or other improvements to the site. If you don't hear back from us within a few days, your suggestion may have become tangled up in our spam filter - please send us a short follow-up note.

Focus for 2013

In 2013, we'll continue to grow our core group of rising musical theatre singers and songwriters. We'll be placing additional emphasis in the areas of:

  • A cappella groups
  • College musical theatre programs - programs new to theBestArts, or updates on programs featured in the past
  • Dancers and choreographers - with a slight emphasis on musical theatre dance
  • Georgia-related musical theatre (theBestArts is based in Atlanta)

We're willing to consider proposals in other areas as well.

How to Propose a New Page for theBestArts

If you'd like us to feature a new artist or group on theBestArts, please send the following information to :

  • A YouTube playlist with four or more great videos.
  • A photo of the individual or group (somewhat square is preferred, but not required).
  • Two to eight paragraphs of promotional description about the individual/group. Please include a website link if available, as well as information on how to buy recordings, sheet music or anything else that helps the artist(s) make money.
  • Feel free to nominate yourself, a relative, a classmate or a group in which you participate - or a group/individual that you admire.

Thank you for your help!

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