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JRB 2012 Karaoke Contest

Participate in a 'Thank You' video for Jason

Jason Robert Brown

During June 2012, Jason Robert Brown invited singers to perform one of 22 songs in his "2012 JRB Karaoke Competition." An overwhelming 700 people participated.

Keith Allen, a rising junior in the musical theatre program at the University of Michigan (and resident of Ireland), suggested that participants compile a "thank you" video for Jason. Enough people seemed interested that we're going to go forward with his idea.


We will create a compilation video of contest participants singing parts of Jason's "The New World" from his show Songs for a New World. We'll then post it on YouTube (and theBestArts) as a thank you to Jason.

Please feel free to send us suggestions on how to improve the project and resulting video. Submissions are already coming in - thank you!

How to Participate

Contestants can participate in the "thank you" video in any one (or more) of three ways. Be sure to read the instructions in the following sections:

  1. Submit a headshot. Headshots will be compiled into several group photos that will be included in the video.
  2. Videotape or record an audio of yourself saying a two to four word message to Jason - or write a message of the same length
  3. Videotape yourself singing a couple of lines (or more) from the song

We will try to include a portion of every video sent in. Because there were SO many contestants, however, we may not be able to do so. We will definitely use every headshot provided, so please try to submit one.

Detailed Instructions

Here's how to participate in the thank you video using one, two or all three of the available options. Deadline for submissions is end of day on Sunday, July 8, 2012. We'll start editing early Monday morning, so be sure we have your submission by then.

Option 1: Headshot

We will include every submitted headshot in the video. Ideally, submit it in 72px resolution, with dimensions of 120x120 - but don't worry about that. We will crop whatever you send into a square, so try to provide a photo that allows us to do that without eliminating your chin. Color is preferred, but black and white is fine. If you don't know how to resize your headshot, send it anyway. We'll edit as many as time allows. Email your headshot to .

Option 2: Message to Jason

Videotape or record an audio of yourself saying a two to four word message to Jason, such as "Jason, you're the best" or "Thank you!" or "This was so fun" - or anything else you want. Please keep it very short. Or you can provide a brief text message that we'll include with your name in the video. Email your message to .

We will attempt to incorporate every message submitted, but can't guarantee it. To ensure you're included somewhere in the video, also submit a headshot.

Option 3: Singing Video

Keith Allen has posted a karaoke track of "The New World". We invite contest participants to submit a YouTube video excerpt of yourself singing a couple of lines from the song.

To submit a video of yourself singing a portion of the song:

  • Using headphones (so that the karaoke track music is not included in your output), please record a video of yourself singing two to four lines of the song (or as many more as you care to perform). (See table of lines below)
  • Upload the result to YouTube as either a "public" or "unlisted" video. In the video description, state the line numbers that you're singing.
  • Email the YouTube video link to

We will attempt to incorporate a portion of every video submitted, but can't guarantee it. To ensure you're included somewhere in the video, also submit a headshot.

Xtra detailed singing instructions

First, listen to one of the sample videos below to get a feel for the song. You may want to purchase official sheet music or a recording of the song (see links below; these are legit and affordable links that generate revenue for Jason.) You can also listen to the complete song on legit sites like Spotify.

Second, think about what line you want to sing in the video. Record an extra line or two before and after the line you most want to have featured. This will allow us extra room to cut your line in and out cleanly for use in the video. Depending on how many responses we get, we may have to carve out portions of lines for people based on their submissions.

The easiest way to contribute is to post a video of one of the early lines. The later sections include some fairly complicated overlapping areas; we'll be REAL picky about submissions for those. The final section is full harmony - let us know in advance if you're interested in that section.

The parts listed below are for general guidance only. You can also pair up with your spouse/partner/friends who entered the contest. We'll consider any submissions that we can work in with other singers, before or after.

Part Line Start/End Lyric
Woman 1 00:15-00:23 A new world calls across the ocean
Woman 2 00:24-00:34 A new world calls across the sky 
Woman 3 00:35-00:44 A new world whispers in the shadows
Woman belt 4 00:45-00:56 Time to fly, time to Fly!
Man 5 01:07-01:13 It's about one moment 
Man The moment before it all becomes clear 
Man 6 01:14-01:20 And in that one moment 
Man You start to believe there's nothing to fear 
Man 7 01:20-01:26 It's about one second 
Man And just when you're on the verge of success
Man 8 01:27-01:35 The sky starts to change 
Man And the wind starts to blow 
Man belt 9 01:35-01:48 And oh you're suddenly a stranger
Man belt There's no explaining where you stand 
Man belt 10   01:48-01:57   And you didn't know That you sometimes have to go  
Man  ‘Round an unexpected bend 
Man 11 01:58-02:05 And the road will end,
Man overlap     In a new world 
Woman 12 02:03-02:08 A new world calls for me to follow 
Woman belt 13 02:08-02:16 A new world waits for my reply 
Woman 14 02:16-02:21 A new world holds me to a promise 
Woman belt 15 02:21-02:29 Standing by, standing by!
Woman 16 02:29-02:35 Its about one moment 
Woman That moment you think you know where you stand 
Woman 17 02:35-02:42 And in that one moment,
Woman The things that you're sure of slip from your hand 
Woman 18 02:42:02:49 And you've got one second 
Woman To try to be clear, to try to stand tall 
Woman 19 02:49-02:57 But nothing's the same 
Woman belt And the wind starts to blow 
Woman belt 20 02:58-3:10 And oh you're suddenly a stranger
Woman belt In some completely different land 
Woman belt 21 3:10-3:19 And you thought you knew 
Woman belt But you didn't have a clue 
Woman That the surface sometimes cracks 
Woman 22 3:20-3:25 To reveal the tracks 
Woman belt To a new world 
Man belt 23 3:25-3:27 You have a house in the hills 
Woman belt 24 3:26-3:28 You have a job on the coast 
Man belt 25 3:28-3:31 You find a lover you're sure you believe in 
Man belt 26 3:31-3:33 You've got a pool in the back 
Woman belt 27 3:33-3:35 You get to the part of your life 
Man belt 28 3:35-3:38 You hold the ring in your hand :
Man belt 29 3:38-3:40 But then the earthquake hits 
Woman belt 30 3:40-3:42 And the bank closes in 
Man belt 31 3:42-3:44 Then you realize you didn't know anything
Man belt 32 3:45-3:52 Nobody told you the best way to steer 
Harmony When the wind starts to blow (harmony)?

We're still working out how to do the harmonies in the final section - suggestions are welcome.

Sample Videos

For those who aren't familiar with the song, here are a few examples:


Sheet Music and CD

You're not required to buy anything to participate. However, if you'd like to purchase Jason's sheet music, CD or MP3 download for the song, here are some options. These are all legit outlets that pay Jason appropriate royalties:

  • Sheet music for The New World - $3.99 at SheetMusicDirect - 18 pages
  • MP3 download of the single song, "The New World" (link on right)
  • 1996 original cast recording, Songs For a New World (link on right). Follow link for the option to purchase an MP3 download of the show as well.
  • Sheet music folio for ten songs from Songs For a New World (link on right)