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This non-commercial Eva Cassidy fan site is meant to promote the wonderful works Eva produced in her short life. These videos were originally posted on YT channel stressbed . All copyrights remain with the original owners.

Eva Marie Cassidy was an American vocalist known for her interpretations of jazz, blues, folk, gospel, country and pop classics. She released her first album, "The Other Side," a duet album with Chuck Brown in 1992 followed by a live solo album, "Live at Blues Alley," in 1996. These videos are all from her Blues Alley performances.

Cassidy was virtually unknown outside of her native Washington, DC when she died of melanoma in 1996. Since her death, however, her albums have sold millions of copies.

A complete Eva discography is available at We hope these videos will inspire you to purchase Eva's CDs so you can enjoy her amazing legacy again and again.

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Eva Cassidy - Honeysuckle Rose

About This Video

Eva Cassidy - Honeysuckle Rose
  • Eva Cassidy - Honeysuckle Rose - 03:09
  • 4.95 stars / 154
  • bestartseva
Eva Cassidy - Autumn Leaves
  • Eva Cassidy - Autumn Leaves - 04:51
  • 4.91 stars / 46
  • bestartseva
Eva Cassidy - Youve Changed
  • Eva Cassidy - You've Changed - 05:03
  • 4.96 stars / 273
  • bestartseva
Eva Cassidy - People Get Ready
  • Eva Cassidy - People Get Ready - 03:35
  • 4.93 stars / 1395
  • bestartseva
Eva Cassidy - Tall Trees in Georgia
  • Eva Cassidy - Tall Trees in Georgia - 04:09
  • 5 stars / 49
  • bestartseva

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