New Voices 7 - Seattle

New Voices 7

New Voices is a concert series showcasing the best of today's most promising young musical theatre composers. An exciting blend of Sondheim and pop/rock, this next generation of composers is turning Broadway on its ear with musicals about grunge bands, electroshock therapy, road trips, and Anna Nicole Smith.

New Voices 7 was held on August 3, 2009 at Seattle's ACT Theatre.

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NV7: To Excess

About This Video

NV7: To Excess
NV7: Running
NV7: Ready To Be Loved
NV7: The Goodbye Song
NV7: How to Return Home
NV7: Senior Prom
NV7: I Wish
NV7: Party Dress
NV7: The Facebook Song
NV7: Say Goodbye
NV7: Along the Way
NV7: My Heart Was Set On You
NV7: Table 3
NV7: Couldnt You Stay
NV7: Breaking Up
NV7: Not a Love Story
NV7: Lost Boy
NV7: Starbucks

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