Contact theBestArts

We'd love to hear feedback on the website, both positive and negative. We're also hungry for tips to help us find great musical theatre-related videos on YouTube that we can share to the world. Here's how you can help:

Nominate an individual, group or event

We're always looking for new material for theBestArts. If you stumble upon a terrific set of videos that we should feature, please let us know. It's perfectly fine to nominate yourself or a project you've worked on.

Ideally, follow our nomination procedures to get a dedicated page started quickly on Or, shoot an email to . We also accept suggestions of individual YouTube videos.

Site problems

Please let us know about any problems you encounter with the site. If a page returns an error message, let us know the address or name of the page you were trying to reach. If a page looks funny or doesn't act as you expected, please provide as much information as you easily can about the problem you encountered as well as information about your device (PC, Mac, iPad, etc.), your browser, and your operating system (version helps, but not required.) Report the issue in an email to .

Other site feedback

What are we missing? What are we doing right? What would you like us to better? Please let us know by email to .

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