Happy One-Year Anniversary, BestArts!

Although this website is only a few months old, we created our first YouTube channel, theBestArts, on September 20, 2007. Once BestArts passed 200 videos, we added three new channels, BestArtsDance, BestArtsMusic and BestArtsFilm.

Here are some statistics from our first year:

Videos Uploaded:
Video Views:
Most Viewed:
270,390 - Pilobolus - Nudity Controversy
Most Favorited:
923 - Great Barbra Streisand and Judy Garland duet, 1963
Views/Video (avg):
Faves/Video (avg):
112 videos
>50 favorites:
187 videos
Videos in Playlists:
2,465 videos from channels across YouTube

Countless viewers told us they purchased DVDs after they were introduced to them on our channel. Thanks for helping ensure the production of new musical theatre DVDs!

Please take a few minutes to watch our "Best of BestArts" video to see why our videos have been viewed almost 4,000,000 times. And if you haven't seen our great Fosse videos yet, try that compilation video as well. Both provide links to full versions of all referenced videos.

BestArts Weekly Highlights - One Year Anniversary