Exercises: Songs from Unwritten Musicals - Andre Catrini

Andre Catrini - Exercises

EXERCISES: Songs From Unwritten Musicals was an independent study project assigned to Andre in composition for specific characters. Andre was presented with seven unwritten musicals, each very different stylistically and dramatically, and was given the task of composing a single song/scene for each musical. Each piece is very different and this performance offers a taste of what each musical could have been like, had it ever been completed.

Baby Bear is the story of Marc Jacobs and his lover, Lorenzo Martone. song “Better Than” is the 11 o’clock number for the musical, taking place immediately before the two men commence in their wedding.

Guinevere is the tale of Guinevere, King Arthur and Knight Lancelot, told from Guinevere’s perspective years after the famous affair took place. From the safety of her convent cell, Guinevere reflects on her life with the “Two Men” and her growing awareness of being a woman in a patriarchal society.

Perversity deals with four singles, desperately searching for love – or the next best thing – night after night. Set in the 1970’s, the musical explores the relationships between men and women and deals heavily in the language used behind closed doors. In the opening number, the quartet is out on the hunt, searching for someone to fulfill them “All Night Long.”

Bits & Bytes is a topical revue about life and love in the technological age. In this song, “The Addict” finds himself battling his unhealthy relationship with Chat Roulette, a new website that supplies the ultimate in short encounters. This Addict spends his days and nights pushing the single on-screen navigational button marked, “Next!”

Andersonville is set during the Civil War and follows the story of William Collins, a Union soldier who has escaped the Confederate prison of Andersonville and returned home, finding his family brutally murdered and his brother Thomas, also a soldier, missing. He receives word that Thomas was killed in action and fantasizes what his life may have been like in the days leading up to his death. He mourns his wasted years in prison and the fact that he was unable to say goodbye to his brother. He muses on the futility of war and man’s inhumanity to man. “Ballad of a Soldier.”

Dynasty tells the story of the Cheney family, set on the night of the 2012 congressional election in Virginia. Dick and his daughter Liz await the final tally of votes. Dick, suddenly frail, reveals “There Comes A Time” when each generation must cede to the next. News comes that Liz has been elected congresswoman for the state of Virginia and she, now alone, realizes that “I Am The One” who holds the responsibility of the country.

Our Town is based on the closing moments of the famous Thornton Wilder play. After dying in childbirth, Emily Webb’s ghost travels back in time to her 12th birthday, allowing Wilder to dwell upon life and routine. She leaves realizing that people never stop to appreciate life, “Every, Every Minute.” Emily rejoins the ranks and faces in the cemetery at Grover’s Corners and a chorus of the Living and the Dead unite to express the fundamental meaning and significance of Wilder’s message in, “This is the Way We Were.”

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Better Than - by Andre Catrini

About This Video

Better Than - by Andre Catrini
  • Better Than - by Andre Catrini - 05:38
  • 5 stars / 2
  • lowdowndown13
Two Men - by Andre Catrini
  • Two Men - by Andre Catrini - 07:01
  • 5 stars / 1
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All Night Long - by Andre Catrini
  • All Night Long - by Andre Catrini - 09:59
  • 5 stars / 10
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The Addict - by Andre Catrini
  • The Addict - by Andre Catrini - 05:44
  • 5 stars / 1
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Ballad of a Soldier - by Andre Catrini
  • Ballad of a Soldier - by Andre Catrini - 07:45
  • 5 stars / 7
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Every, Every Minute - by Andre Catrini
  • Every, Every Minute - by Andre Catrini - 06:39
  • 5 stars / 3
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This Is The Way We Were - by Andre Catrini
  • This Is The Way We Were - by Andre Catrini - 05:14
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