JRB 2008 Karaoke Contest

Jason Robert Brown

On Friday, October 3, 2008, Jason announced the winners of his "First Official Summer JRB Karaoke Competition." They are Natalie Hawkins, Natalie Weiss, Jonathan Reid Gealt and Jonathan Shew. Each of these winners will perform on-stage with Jason at his October 13 concert in NYC.

We present individual links to each of their winning entries below. (You may need to turn off your pop-up blocker to hear the entries from the Jonathans, as they're not posted on YouTube.)

Click to view winning entries:

Natalie Hawkins
Natalie Weiss
Jonathan Shew

Hear more from these four performers on this site at:

More strong entries

Watch our favorite entries to the "First Official Summer JRB Karaoke Competition." Note: we reviewed all YouTube entries, but only a few from other services.

JRB Contest Special Awards

JRB joked that he might pick finalists in categories, like "Craziest Bedroom Decor" and "Most Interesting Interpretation Of Pitch." We suggest creating a few "Special Awards" - and we present our winners here.

Some of these awards are serious, some are funny and some are both. However, nobody is listed here unless they gave a finalist-level performance.

Best Music Video

  • Winner - Dan Olson (Banion5), King of the World - or in his case, King of central Japan
  • Honorable Mention - Maddy Trumble, I'm Not Afraid

Best Riffs

  • Winner - Shelly Bort, She Cries - the entire second half

Most Excited Video Camera

  • Winner - Shelly Bort again, King of the World - watch the photos dance at 4:14

Best Interpretation

  • Winner - Amber Nicole Patrick, I'm Not Afraid - especially after 2:20

Best Triple Threat

  • Winner - Daniel Hines (DShines22), for very strong entries on all three songs

Most Effective Use of Vibrato

  • Winner - Alex Heinen (MissBroadwayDork), I'm Not Afraid
  • Honorable Mention - Zak Resnick, She Cries - especially after 3:00

Prettiest Blue Eyes Ever Seen

  • Winner - Anthony Johnson (WoodlandCreature22), I'm Not Afraid - and he rocks the song, too
  • Honorable Mention - Anthony Johnson, She Cries

Most Famous Performer

  • Winner - Jonathan Reid Gealt, She Cries
  • Honorable Mention - Natalie Weiss (natdawg7), I'm Not Afraid

Best Non-Native English Performer

  • Winner - Bobby Araujo, She Cries
  • Also, winner best timed slideshow

Best Discovery

  • Winner - Adam Parnell (MrBroadwayDork), She Cries - can't wait to hear more from him